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Browse from your favourite Japanese Web Sites and select the product you want to buy.

You can browse from any Japanese Web Site, even Web Sites that we didn't share informations about.

Copy/paste the url of each product you want to buy. You can add url as many as you wish and it can be from different Web Sites.

You will fill out a simple form with all necessary data needed (quantity, products options...)

Price Estimation

Once we receive your request, we have to check the availability of the product(s) and calculate the shipping costs (Domestic and International).

We check the availabilty of the product. Some product may be available and shipped the day we place an order, other may be not released yet.

Depends on Web Sites, there may have domestic shipping fees. We will also calculate the international shipping fees based on product weight and volume weight.

Once we calculate the total amount, you will be redirect to an URL in order to complete your request.


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