Terms and Conditions


Acceptance of terms

Nippon X, Corp (hereinafter referred to as "our Company") hereby sets out the following tenso.nippon-x.com Terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as "the Terms"). Our Company provides proxy purchase service and overseas forwarding service (hereafter referred to as "our Service") for people living ouside Japan (hereinafter referred to as "the Customer"). The customer(s) may be an individual or legal entity.

The customer(s) is required to agree to all relevant terms to use our Service.

Revisions to the Terms

Our Company may, at its own discretion, revise the Terms without prior notice at any time.

Our Services

  1. Our Company will purchase a product(s) (hereafter referred to as "the Product") requested by the Customer(s) from a Japanese company located in Japan(hereafter referred to as "the Shop") and deliver to the Customer(s).
  2. The Product(s) has to be requested from an online store(s). However the customer(s) with a diamond membership is able to request a Product(s) from an offline shop(s). 
  3. Our Company will purchase the Product(s) from the Shop(s) on behalf of the Customer(s).
  4. Our Company may have the right to purchase the same Product(s) from another Shop(s) requested by the Customer(s).
  5. Our service is limited to the Customer(s) living outside Japan. The Shop(s) and the Product(s) must be located in Japan. 
  6. In these cases, our Company will automatically refused the requests:
    -the Customer(s) is living in Japan
    -the Product(s) and/or the Brand/Maker(s) is not from Japan
    -the Shop(s) is not located in Japan
    -the Product(s) is in prohibited item list
  7. Also our Company may have the right to refuse a request without any reason.


  1. The Customer(s) can subscribe to a membership and get more features. 
  2. The basic membership is silver and does not require any fee. A new Customer(s) is automatically a Silver member.
  3. There are additional three memberships: Gold, Platinum and Diamond. These memberships are not free. The Customer(s) can buy a membership and select several durations (one month, three months, six months and one year). 
  4. When the membership reaches to his expiration date, the membership will not be automatically renew so the Customer(s) won't be debit from his bank account or credit card.
  5. The Customer(s) can also upgrade from his actual membership to a higher membership at anytime. However it is not possible to manually downgrade from a membership to another. The membership will be automatically downgrade to Silver after the expiration date.
  6. Each paid membership has special features (additional services) that the customer(s) can't have with a Silver membership.
  7. The features included in a membership are available only when the Customer(s) is a member of that membership. For example, once the Customer(s) place an order as Gold member, he won't able to benefit from the advantages of a higher membership such as Platinum or Diamond even if he upgraded his membership later.
  8. If the Customer(s) want to benefit from advantages of a membership, the Customer(s) have to be member of that membership before placing an order.
  9. We won't refund the membership fee for any reason. 
  10. The customer(s) can cancel a membership and subscribe for longer duration or a higher membership. However it has to be done before requesting a product(s). For example, the customer(s) subscribed for one month duration gold membership but finally wanted one month duration platinum membership or one year duration gold membership. In this kind of cases, the customer(s) would be able to change his membership.

X Points

  1. The Customer(s) can earn X Points by accomplishing actions such as creating an account, completing an order. 
  2. 1 X Point equals 1 Japanese yen.
  3. The X Points can be use for buying/upgrading a membership and paying an order.
  4. The X Points cannot be exchange with money or cannot be refund.
  5. The X Points cannot be transfer to another account.
  6. The X Points duration is set to 90 days. After that, the X points will be expired. The Customer(s) will be notified several times before the X Points expiration date.
  7. If the Customer(s) account is deleted, the X points will be deleted as well.

X wallet / X Credit

  1. The Customer(s) can fund X wallet from several ways: refund from an order, shipping fees refund system and also fund the X wallet from the Customer account.
  2. X wallet contains X Credits. 1 X Credit equals 1 Japanese yen.
  3. The X wallet can be use for buying/upgrading a membership and paying an order.
  4. The X wallet is also used for bidding site such as Yahoo Auction. If the Customer(s) want us to bid for an auction, he needs to fund his X wallet before.
  5. The X wallet cannot be exchange with money or cannot be refund.
  6. The X Credits cannot be transfer to another account.
  7. There is no expiration for X Credits. 
  8. If the Customers account is deleted, the X wallet will be deleted as well.

Cash Back

  1. Cash Back is available if the requested Product(s) from the Shop(s) has product points.
  2. The Cash Back is only available for Platinum and Diamond members.
  3. In case of Rakuten and Yahoo, only Store Points will be credited on the Customer(s) account. All campaign points won't be credited.
  4. In case of Platinum members, the Cash Back will be credited as X Points.
  5. 1 Point from the Shop equal 1 X Point.
  6. The Cash Back will be applied once the Platinum Member receives the product(s).
  7. In case of Diamond members, the Cash Back will be credited on X wallet as X Credits.
  8. 1 Point from the Shop equals 1 X Credit.
  9. The cash back can also be directly deducted from the order amount (instant cash back) as a discount (Diamond members only)
  10. However in case of Instant Cash Back, 1% of the product amount will be deducted. If the Shop Points is 10% then, the discount(instant cash back) will be 9%.
  11. Diamond members can also earn cash back as Platinum members, in that case the full Cash Back amount will credited on X wallet (no expiration).
  12. In case of orders cancellation, all X Credits and X Points earned from the Cash Back will be cancelled as well.

Request, Quotes and Orders

  1. The Customer(s) can request the Products with following methods:
    -by filling a "request/inquiry form" from a dedicated web page.
    -by filling a "get a quote form" from a dedicated web page.
  2. We won't accept requests by other methods such as phone calls, any SNS or direct Emails.
  3. The Customer(s) is able to edit a request from his account or by email. However after payment confirmation, the Customer(s) won't be able to edit a request.
  4. Once a request is accepted, our Company will create an order for the Customer(s). If a quote has been already created by the Customer(s), once our company approves the quote, the quote  will be converted to an order for the Customer(s).


  1. Pricing of the Product(s) shall be the price as stipulated on the Shop(s) at the time when the Customer(s) request the Product(s).
  2. The Shop(s) price may change everyday, no discount no refund will be accepted after the request in case of price changing. 
  3. The price will be in Japanese currency only. 
  4. In case the Customer(s) choosed crypto currency as payment method, the price will be converted into the crypto currency chosen by the Customer(s) and the rate applied will be at the time when the Customer(s) request the Products. 


  1. Our Company will take all reasonable precautions to keep the details of the Customer(s) order and payment secure but our Company cannot be held liable for any losses caused as a result of unauthorised access to information provided by the Customer(s).
  2. In case of using Credit Card/Paypal/Stripe payment method, the payment will be automatically confirmed.
  3. In case of international money bank transfer/Wise, sometimes the amount received by our bank may be different from the amount sent by the Customers(s). It may occurs when the Customer(s) didn't sent the order amount in Japanese currency and/or didn't pay all tranfer fees. Our Company will have no obligation to accept an order cancellation or deliver the ordered Product(s) to the Customer(s) until our Company receive the order's total amount. To avoid such a trouble, we recommend to use wise.com.
  4. In case of crypto currency payment, as you may know the currency's price is very volatile and fluctuates everyday. Our Company will have no obligation to refund the difference from the amount on the crypto currency market and the amount invoiced by our Company when the Customer(s) places an order.
  5. You may also want to check our Payment Methods Page.

Shipping & Delivery

  1. First of all we won't ship the Product(s) to Japan. Our Company is only available to the Customer(s) "people living outside Japan". Japan is not accepted as a shipping destination.
  2. The Product(s) will be delivered to the delivery address provided by the Customer(s). 
  3. There are two kind of shipping costs:
    -domestic shipping costs
    -international shipping costs
  4. Depends on the Shop(s), the domestic shipping costs may be free or not, if the domestic shipping costs are not free, the Customer(s) will be informed by email.
  5. The international shipping costs depends on the weight/volume weight and destination country of the package. 
  6. After the payment confirmation, our Company have to purchase the Product(s) from the Shop(s) and the Product(s) is dispatched to the address indicated by the Customer(s) as soon as our Company receive the Product(s) from the Shop(s). The shipment process/delay depends on the Product(s) disponibility and the membership of the Customer(s).
  7. We will use Japan Post Office, Fedex according to the shipping method chosen by the Customer(s).
  8. If a package is undeliverable (incompleted delivery address, recipient unknown at the address given, unclaimed package...), the package will be returned to our Company office and the package will be re-delivered another time at the Customer(s) expense. Our Company shall have no obligation to accept an order cancellation or re-deliver the returned the Product(s) to the Customer(s) with our expense.
  9. In rare cases, some packages may not be delivered after weeks for any reason (lost, natural disaster, war...). In case the package takes a long time to be delivered please contact us. An investigation procedure will be made from the shipping carrier and it may take more than three weeks to get results. It is not necessary to call us or send many emails because we will not be able to reply to you until the investigation is close. Once the investigation ends, we will receive a letter with a detailed report. If the package has been reported "lost", the customer(s) will be fully refund. However our Company cannot refund an order before getting the results of the investigation.
  10. You may also want to check our Shipping Methods Page.


  1. The Customer(s) can use a free storage service from the day our Company received the Product(s) from the Shop(s).
  2. The storage period depends on the Customer(s) membership:
    -Silver Membership: 1 month
    -Gold Membership: 45 days
    -Platinum Membership: 2 months
    -Diamond Membership: 3 months
  3. After that period, we will charge a storage fee of 100 yens for each day.
  4. If the storage period exceeds 3 months, the Customer(s) will lose all rights on the purchased Product(s). The Product(s) will be available for other Customer(s) or added to our Company inventory.

Prohibited/Nonmailable Products

  1. Here is the list of most prohibited/nonmailable Products from Japan to overseas. 
  2. From here, items that cannot be sent depending on the destination country.
  3. Before confirmation of the request, our Company will try to check if the Product(s) is mailable or not.
  4. In case an ordered has been paid and already shipped but the Product(s) cannot be delivered to the Customer country, we won't refund the Product(s).

Import Tax/Duty/Clearance Fee

  1. The Product(s) will be shipped to the Customer(s) from Tokyo Japan.
  2. The Product(s) may be subjected to customs import tax/fee when it enters your country. By buying internationally, the Customer(s) is considered as an importer.
  3. Our Company will not be responsible for any tariffs, customs restrictions, customs clearance, or other regulations that apply in countries outside Japan. It is the responsibility of the Customer(s) to pay the charges levied by the authorities and observe the respective regulations of the country in which he or she receives the Product(s).
  4. Therefore it is the Customer(s) responsibility in case there is some import tax/fee to pay. If the Customer(s) refuse to pay the taxes and the Product(s) ordered return to our office, our Company shall have no obligation to accept an order cancellation or re-deliver the returned Product(s) to the Customer(s) with our expense.

Return Policy

  1. If the Product(s) received by the Customer(s) is not in conformity with the order(wrong Product(s) received), missing item(s) or present a manufacture defect, the Customer(s) can return the product to the following address :

    Nippon X,Corp
    Tokyo Pref, Minato Ward, Kita Aoyama 3-6-7
    Aoyama Palacio Tower 11th Floor

  2. No Product(s) shall be returned to our company unless :
    - The Customer(s) has completed and filed a Request for Return Form (showing the order ID and other identifying numbers) with our Company
    - Our Company has notified the Customer(s) by email that the Customer(s) may return the Product(s) to our office address.
    - The Product(s) must be sent to our Company within 7 days of receiving your shipment.
    - The Product(s) is returned in a clean and well packaged condition.
  3. Our Company accept only returns for the following reasons: wrong product received, manufacture defect, missing item(s). We won't accept return for any other reason.
  4. Once our Company has received the returned Product(s), our Company will process the return or refund within 2 business days. In case our company delivered a wrong Product(s), the Product(s) return shipping fees will be on our expense. In case of manufacturer defect, the Product(s) return shipping fees will be on the Customer(s) expense.
  5. In case of missing item(s), our company will try to ship the missing item(s). However if the missing item(s) cannot be shipped, the Customer(s) has to return the product(s). 
  6. Please read also our Return Policy Page for more details.

Refund Policy

  1. For some reasons(Product(s) no more available, nonmailable Product(s)... ), we may cancel and refund the order.
  2. Our Company will refund the order amount by using the same payment method used by the Customer(s) or if the Customer(s) agreed, the amount of the order will be fund to the X Credit for another request.
  3. We won't refund an order if the ordered Product(s) has been already shipped or sent back.
  4. In case the ordered Product(s) has been sent back to our Company because the destination country does not allow the ordered Product(s), then our Company won't refund the order.


  1. The electronical Product(s) is covered under warranty against any manufacture defects. Other product(s) may not be covered under warranty.
  2. The warranty starts the day the Customer(s) receives the Product(s).
  3. If a manufacture defect is found within 12 months after the date of purchase, simply contact us. Our Company will provide instructions on how to get the Product(s) serviced.
  4. Depends on the defect, the Product(s) can be repaired or replaced. In case of manufacture defects, if there is no warranty service in the Customer(s) country,  the Customer(s) have to return the Product(s) to our Company office in Japan on his own expense.
  5. Once our Company receives the return Product(s), our Company will have it professionally serviced in a manufacturer appointed service center. Some Product(s) already include an international warranty service which means that the Customer(s) will be able to get a repair service directly from his country.
  6. The extended warranty is valid only if the Customer(s) membership included an extended warranty feature when the order has been placed.
  7. If the Customer(s) bought or upgraded membership only after placing an order, the ordered Product(s) won't be covered under extended warranty.

Order cancellation

  1. Our Company does not accept order cancellation once the payment has been confirmed for any reason (the Product(s) price decrease, the Customer(s) changed his mind, the device is not easy to use, the accessory is not compatible, the size doesn't fit...). However our Company will try answer to all your questions as soon as possible so please take your time and be sure before placing an order.
  2. Please read also our refund policy section from the Return Policy Page.