About us

Nippon X Tenso is just a small part of a big project called Nippon X !

Nippon X, Corp is a Japanese company which focuses on selling Japanese products on internet. Actually we only sell via our eCommerce Website so we don't have a physical store open to public.


tenso.nippon-x.com is an eCommerce Website powered by Nippon X, Corp. (Japanese company "kabushiki gaisha" established in Japan, Tokyo in June 15th 2009)

Starting with Ecommerce, Nippon X aims to build the biggest portal website about Japan!

We want people from worldwide to discover and learn more about Japanese products, culture and language.

We aim to provide:

-Satisfactory customer service : We take all measures to satisfy our customers.

-Quick delivery times : We usually ship within 24 hours.

-Large variety and selection of merchandise : We try to offer the largest selection of japanese products on internet.

Competitive prices : We are constantly checking our competitors for offering the cheapest service on internet.


With 14 years of experience, you can rely on us for buying Japanese products.


We offer unique services that give to our customers more satisfaction!


In Japan the customer is "God". We'll do our very best to help and satisfy our customers.