Payment Methods

This page lists all available payment methods in our website. Some payment methods may not be available for your country. If you need more information about our payment method, feel free to contact us.

All Methods Comparison

Wise - International money transferCrypto CurrencyCredit Card, Debit Card by StripePaypalStripe
At a glanceBest DealThe New wayThe Usual WayFamousPolyvalent
Service Details
Authorized CurrencyMost of all CurrenciesBitcoin, Ethereum, ...JPY onlyJPY onlyJPY only
Ease of Use★★★★ ★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★
AvailabilityWorldwide Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide
Payment ProcessFrom Gateway redirection via QR code Self hosted Redirection to Paypal Self hosted
Payment Options
Debit/Credit Card
Bank account
Apple Pay
Google Pay
Crypto Currency
OthersACH, SWIFT, SEPA or wire transfer Most of Crypto CurrenciesnonePaypal BalanceAlipay WeChat/Microsoft Pay
Good to know
Bonus X Points
Payment Confirmation45% are instant2 minutesInstantInstantInstant
Recommended forBank accountCrypto Currency addressDebit/Credit cardPaypal AccountDigital Wallet
BenefitsAccept all currencies, Discount + X pointsNo worry about idendity/credit card theft, Discount + X pointsInstant Payment, No website redirectionInstant PaymentInstant Payment, No website redirection, accept Digital Wallets
DrawbacksNeed Wise accountNeed crypto currency addressOnly Japanese currencyOnly Japanese currency, Need Paypal account, Redirection to 3rd party websiteOnly Japanese currency
How to choose ?When you don't have a Credit CardWhen you own Crypto CurrencyWhen you use Credit CardWhen you prefer PaypalWhen you use Digital Wallet