Fund X wallet

From ¥1,000

To ¥1,000,000


Fund your X wallet with your favourite payment method: Credit Card, Paypal, Wise, Bank Transfer, Mobile Payment, Crypto Currencies.

By funding your X wallet, you will be able to bid for auctions and pay for all transactions including membership subscription.

1 X Credit = 1 Japanese Yen.

Fund X wallet is available to buy in increments of 1


Customer Questions
Can i use both X points and X credits to pay?
As far as you own both X points and X credits on your account, you can use both to pay and save on the total amout.
What happens to my X points and X credits if my request is cancelled ?
If you request has been cancelled and refund, then the X points and the X credits you used will be restored as well.
Can i exchange my X credits and X points with money ?
No you cannot exchange your X credits and X points with money. You can only use them when you buy products from our web site.
What is the expiration for the X credits ?
As far as our website is still online, there is no expiration for the X credits.